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→ March 1, 2018

Battle of the Bayani (Battle of the Heroes) It was my first time to see in person, the sport version of Eskrima. …


Debt Free for just $1000

  So, you got your tax refund check! It’s just like found money, you say. 😛 Well before you think that is …


God, who has provides us with everything we need and more than we deserve, only requires 10% of the fruits of our … → March 29, 2016


Tax Season is SCAM Season.

It is tax season again, not only are you being robbed of your hard earned money legally by the government, but also …


I am the Weapon Seminar

On February 06, 2016 A historic gathering of Filipino Martial Arts Grand Masters occurred in Rosemead California. Initiated by a call from …

Going back to basics

Off the grid, a few steps from the ocean, warm climate, green surroundings and your dollar has forty-five times it’s buying power? …