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Nurse ka ba?

 Why is it that Filipinos are being stereo typed as nurses or in any health care profession in general? May it be …


Be Prepared!

Mr. Huessein won the elections, who by the looks of things is turning the US into a socialist if not a communist …


Isang Kahig Isang Tuka

“Pay check to pay check” This past week, me and mrs had a chance to sit down and update our house hold …


Ang dami mong reklamo!

“Got complaints? then go home!” Every now and then I would here a Filipino sigh, wishing that they were back in the …


Election 2012!

  It’s Election Season! It’s election season again in America and many excitedly anticipate the presidential debates, hanging on the words of …


for Better or for Worse

One can say that Life in America can be compared to a man and a woman’s relationship. At courtship, there is no …