Isang Kahig Isang Tuka

“Pay check to pay check”

This past week, me and mrs had a chance to sit down and update our house hold budget. It was saddening at first glance. It wasn’t that we were in the red or could not pay the bills, but because there was literally nothing left between paying the bills and everyday expense.

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Even at this age of information and technology, some Filipinos still think that life in America is as grand as what they see on TV. Yet when one takes a look closer, it is really no different from the Philippines, living from paycheck to paycheck.

So far, the U.S. dollar still has more buying power than the Philippine peso, although that may not hold ground for long with all the preposterous spending the government has been doing in both local and national level.

Currently Californians are literally being choked to death with ever increasing taxes. They would disguise it as fees but they are taxes all the same. From income tax, sales, tax, gas tax, and the list goes on and on. All you have to do is read any utility bill or cell phone bill and you’ll see the abuse the California government is doing to its citizens. They would give welfare to non citizens but would kick tax paying citizens in the teeth.

Paying for the set amount of taxes that are supposed to be for the public infrastructures and services isn’t the problem. It’s the corruption and greed that goes with it. The unchecked salaries and pensions of public employees, the money grab of its unions to pay off politicians, the red tape and all other bureaucracy that goes along with having such big government.

And even with all these fees and taxes, California is still millions if not billions in debt! The governor would announce an idiotic budget and call it “balanced” just for the sake of TV air time, when in fact the state has a long term debt that no official would even dare to take on and which everybody else just kicks the can to the next elected fool.

So where is the money going? Corruption and welfare for illegal aliens!

Yes, Filipinos, there is corruption in the U.S. perhaps even greater in amounts than in the Philippines.

Helping out those in need is noble, but stealing from law abiding, tax paying citizens for the welfare of abusive, fraudulent illegal aliens is aggravating!

Yes there are Filipinos who are illegally staying in the U.S. but I dare you ask any of them, how much welfare are they claiming.

Most Filipinos who were fortunate to have come to America are quite well off. The mere fact that they had something to pay for the Visa processing and application, the air fare, not to mention the show of assets that they had to do just to be granted with a tourist Visa, makes it fair to say that Filipinos do not just come to America to abuse it’s welfare.

Unlike other ethnicities, Filipinos can not dig a tunnel to cross the U.S. border. Although I just can’t say if geography wasn’t a factor, that things wouldn’t be the same.

If not well off, then they are either well educated or skilled workers. Since the Filipino culture values education even up to the point that it isn’t practical anymore, parents still ingrain in the minds of their children to study well and earn high marks. That is why when the opportunity to come to the U.S. arrives, they are well equipped for any career or entrepreneurship endeavors that they wish to do here and not depend on welfare.

The aggravating thing is that when citizens or legal aliens who are actually paying taxes need the help, get disqualified!

Actual tax payers, disqualified for help? See how irrational that is!

They are literally killing the middle class! The class that is actually keeping the nation intact! Big Socialist government is making slaves out of the working class while feeding the lazy ass and fattening the pigs in government.

Isn’t familiar? These are the same cries of the people of the Philippines only this time it is spoken in English 😛

It is true that there are high earning Filipinos, affording luxury cars, mansions and high tech appliances and gadgets.

Question is, can they still maintain the same lifestyle even when they loose their jobs, get sick or if the bread winner of the house hold passes away? If not, then that only means that they only have a high paying J.O.B (just over broke) the only difference is that they earn more so they spend more.

Those who are truly wealthy are those that have made wise decisions in life, able to keep their life style even if they loose their jobs. Filipinos who have invested well and were able to make their money work for them.

The same motivation that propelled Filipinos from the rice fields and fishing provinces of the Philippines to go to Manila, thinking that life in Manila would be better; then realize that they already had what they are struggling to have to make a living, shelter, food clothing, back in the provinces. Finding that life in Manila isn’t any greener. The same applies to the life here in America.

Even so, we still thank the Almighty that we have our source of income and that we are healthy and well able. Appreciating the everyday blessing of being alive and living in the U.S.