Connecticut Tragedy

It is just despicable, horrendous, disgusting, unspeakable evil; words that don’t even come close to describing what happened to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

It feels that death does not even bring justice to what this Connecticut shooter did to those children!

If he could only be killed again and again until all the pain he caused stops!

Virginia Tech, Columbine, a mall in Oregon, a theater in Aurora Colorado and now Connecticut.

What is happening to our youth and society?

After every shooting, talks about the 2nd amendment and gun laws always arise, both sides have valid arguments, but we end up seeing it all over again.

We forget that people are the ones that pull the trigger, people whose intent were to do harm, to spread the pain, the blame, the anger. People who, in one way or another will find a way to get to any weapon that will suit their intent. It does not matter how many laws we have on gun ownership. Just as we have so many laws against drugs, and yet that business is thriving, thriving enough to occupy one of Arizona’s National forest and the Feds can’t do anything about it. So was the case with the prohibition of alcohol back in the days.

We can go back an forth on the pros and cons of citizens arming themselves and getting trained vs. relying on the government for our protection, a government that is getting bigger every year and whose power can easily go unchecked if citizens are stripped of their right bear arms.

How many soldiers died in this country’s history of wars, wars initiated by highly suspicious provocations. How many are left for dead on the streets homeless, jobless because government can’t do proper math, corrupting and spending way more than what are stolen from us through overburdening taxes. And we are to entrust our safety to that government? Political statement?

Sure it is!

Do you want logic instead? Between the call for help, dispatch, the distance the units need to travel to get to the reported incident and all the communications that has to occur before any action can be taken, a mass shooter has already finished a magazine and has probably reloaded a couple of times even with all the bullet button you can throw at him. Not to mention the time it takes for somebody to actually recognize that a threat is at the vicinity and makes the decision to call it in. Bullets will always travel faster than a police cruiser. We should be able to protect our own. Even Kennedy got shot while secrets service were practically beside him.

Maybe it is not about gun ownership or gun laws. We always focus on the weapon and not the person. It is always easier to blame something or someone else, but maybe it is about us, us as a society, a community, us as a family.

For someone to loose empathy, to loose his humanity, to actually look at little children and inflict harm on them must have gone through some tragedy himself. A trauma, an abuse, may it be by drugs, prescribed or otherwise, or inflicted by family or society, by us.

They always try to make out a profile of the shooter, trying to get into his mind, his mindset, what he was thinking, what caused him to be as such, yet those are all after the fact.

Nobody sees the signs, the call for attention, the cry for help. Then after tragedy strikes, we try to figure out why. Perhaps if we have gone beyond the empty “how are you doing” and sincerely stopped and waited for the answer, maybe we would actually understand the person but not through hindsight.

It is highly unlikely that a person, supported and surrounded by loving people, would be capable of such evil. I guess these days you can never tell, but the chances would probably be slim at least.

Our economy is such a mess and politics is so corrupt that people struggle to earn a living and yet government grabs whatever they can to feed their political agendas. That vicious cycle, that rat race, unfortunately affects the family, the family that is supposed to guide our children, build a foundation of moral values, to raise a model citizen contributing to society. That basic core unit where proper nourishment is supposed to start, but now a days, children are used as leverage for residence status, feeding of off government’s handouts. Most of whom by age twelve would be joining gangs in order to survive and support themselves through stealing or be pregnant themselves which repeats the cycle of abandonment.

We are to busy trying to earn a living that we forget to notice people and relate. We are so technologically advanced that we are glued to our smart phones, TVs and computers that we fail to look up to each other and actually connect. We live next to each other even on top of each other and yet we hardly know our neighbors. If a tragedy strikes in your community, do you even know the names of the people next door to yours? They say that technology has made the world smaller and people closer and yet we haven’t been farther apart.

Even the games children play now a days are geared towards violence, glorifying criminals and their malicious acts. A pop culture that promotes gang culture through music. Many would say that the violence that surrounds us through media does not cause people to shoot. Perhaps not all, but there is always that one, that one person that has been picked on, that have been put down by his own parents, that have been looked down upon by society or have been forgotten, just that one person who only needed a little push, a few encouraging lyrics, whose view on killing has been muted by the games the he played. Then with his mind blurred by drugs, prescribed or otherwise is jarred again and plans his revenge. Only this time, he has the power, live or die, and that even for a moment he is the center of attention.

We are so distracted and unaware, that shooters with long rifles can come close to a mass of people and not get noticed till after the shots are fired.

The security measures that we take are not only after the fact but politically compromised as well. They say that there are a lot of threats in this great country of ours, yet most of us are not trained to handle ourselves and to be observant.

We are in a place and time were we compromise our security just to protect people’s sensibility. Where laws only apply to citizen who follow the rules while people who violate them are let loose because of ethnicity, social status, position of power or political group affiliation.

We are led in single file, like sheep, making us potential targets, unarmed untrained in one vulnerable line at the airports, harassed and groped, relieved of our rights just because authorities want to be politically correct but fail to recognize the person who is actually a threat. Authorities would gladly sift through your grandma’s diaper, make you drink your own breast milk, burst your grandpa’s urine bag but hesitate to call out or even profile an actual potential threat.

Well organized and highly efficient security groups including the president’s secret service does not depend on their agents catching a bullet for their commander in chief nor on their high tech equipment alone, they train, prepare, scan the crowd, and yes profile to assure the president’s safety. Why won’t we do the same? Is the president more important than your child?

Our schools are more focused on the budget, the money they have to acquire for the teacher’s unions’ bribe to politicians, while kids’ drop out rates rises. So focused on the accreditations and districts scores failing to nourish the totality of the students, their personalities, not just their test scores, even which are also failing.

Sad, but we are in a time where these shooting have happened and installing security perimeter around schools might be a better way to spend the money than buying off politicians.

Good natured people who try to help are sued creating a society that is paralyzed, unable to decide weather to help out or stay out.

Much sadness, much grief, the whole country in mourning, but the saddest part about it is that we easily forget and this will happen again.

The only hope is for us to be vigilant, to care for our children beyond just provisions. Relate to one another and build our community. Take charge at our own security, train ourselves not just in reacting to situations but also to be aware before a situation even occurs. To think for ourselves above the influence of the idiot boxes we have in our living rooms. Look up to the eyes of the people we pass by instead of down to our phones.

First grief then a whole circus of debates, a memorial then an anniversary, and then, life goes on.

Our sincere sympathy goes out to the families of the children tragically killed and injured. May you find strength to keep on.