Be Prepared!

Shepherd_Package_2__74799_zoomMr. Huessein won the elections, who by the looks of things is turning the US into a socialist if not a communist regime, while hurricane sandy hits hard on the east coast shores, the shooting in Connecticut initiates the attack on the American people’s freedom to bear arms. It is looking more and more like another 911 only this time, the government is not just taking our privacy, now it’s our constitutional right.

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Are these signs of the times, warnings that it’s the beginning of the end?

So let us be prepared!

The common advice is to set your self up and your family with at lease 3 days of provisions incase of a catastrophe, because it is assumed that rescue efforts might at least take 3 days before it could get to you. That’s pretty optimistic, in reality rescue efforts may take even longer.

May it be three days, a week or how many days it may take until things get back to the way they were, it still boils down to being prepared.

So where do we to start?

1. Budget – With Huessein as president and the patterns that have been set such as a bloating government and spending, it is most probable that this country will collapse through it’s economy by it’s own doing rather than a natural calamity.

Increase in prices of gas, basic utilities and commodities are most likely to be the immediate threat to the masses due to the ridiculous taxes that this regime plans to impose on the people. The idea is, the less resources the people have, the more dependent they would be on the government, hence the increase in handouts, both in bailout and welfare.

Of course this is just this writer’s stab at political opinion, but bottom line is, it is harder to set aside provisions for your family if you’re deep in debt because you were suckered to believing in the black friday and christmas sale culture that this consumer based economy has wonderfully crafted to keep you sliding those credit cards.

We started with Budget because all these preparations will cost you, being conservative with your expenses leaves room for you to afford all these necessities that you may need when in a SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan) kind of situations.

2. Be Aware – If you think watching the news makes you aware of what is truly happening in your community or to this country, think again. All networks, picks a side, a party, may it be democrat or republican and bases their broadcast on their chosen party’s agenda. Notice that even the scripts and stories of each network’s shows are written based on their private agendas.

Forget about choosing sides, be skeptical of everything, never take their word for it. Research, listen to different sources, use your own logic and watch for the patterns specially those that you observe in your immediate surroundings.

3. Get Armed – America did not become the United States if it weren’t for those who fought for it. From then till now, someone took arms and is taking arms to keep this country free, but now the enemy is shape shifting, from a fundamentalists of another country to one of us disguised as politicians.

Since the result of the elections, prices of fire arms and ammunition have gone up and so are their demands. What does that say about the confidence of the people in this regime?

Purchasing a fire arm is not enough, it is just a heavy metal club if you are not trained with it, not to mention the potential danger that you have brought to your home for not properly training your self with the potential damage such a weapon may cause.

It has been said, guns don’t kill, people do.

4. Train up – You know why TSA is a bureaucracy and not a security agency? Because they are groping and molesting citizens looking for weapons instead of identifying the real threat which is the person.

In the same principle, it doesn’t matter how much provisions you have set aside for your family, how much food, guns or ammunition you have in your home. All those things will run out and all you will be left with is, you. Your confidence and your skills are what will help you and your family survive.

Learn to cook for goodness sake! In this culture of fast food and malls, people barely cook, mostly for convenience which is understandable, but at least dab in it once in a while, I heard one chef said “food comes to those who cook”, when the time comes that your nearest grocery runs out of supplies due to catastrophe you surely want food to come to you.

Skills such as starting a fire from flint or other techniques, chopping wood, shooting, swimming, bike riding, martial arts, navigating, map reading, and other skills along those lines look like a hobbies today, but when time comes, those hobbies would be your life line.

5. Evacuation Plan – The most ideal, is for a community to plan, prepare and work together for when shit hits the fan. This has been demonstrated by the people in San Diego a few years back and how they handled the vast wild fire that devastated their community. I don’t know how much planning they had for such an event, but the execution of their relief efforts were superb! In fact they even told FEMA in some form or fashion to stay away from the evacuation facilities so as not to screw with what they already have set up. They covered everything from food, water, shelter, insurance agents to even entertainment.

Having an organized and prepared community is not only ideal for evacuations but also in cases when people need to stay put and hold down the fort. Combining resources and man power, would be ideal to protect and provide for the community.

In urban settings, where people go to work and back and barely have time to interact with their neighbors besides the automatic blurt out of “how are you doing”, to start such an endeavour might be difficult. So at least plan with your immediate family.

The most difficult question I have with regards to evacuation is, “where to go?”

It would be great if you have family in another state, assuming that the disaster is not nation wide and you have read the patterns enough to recognize the need to evacuate early on, having another family out of state to run to is a good option.

It is hard to imagine to leave the U.S. for safety, after all, people from other countries seek asylum here for the same reason; but when the U.S. causes it’s own down fall, it is not a bad idea to have a country in mind to fly to. So figure out a country that you think you can adapt to and stock some hard cash in that country’s currency.

6. Equipment and Gear – Some get too focused on what gear, tools, equipment or food to stock up on but as you can see, this is way down the priority list because as mentioned above, it is you, your body, mind, and spirit that needs to be prepared first.

It would be great if we can actually buy all the great tools, gears and products for survival preparedness, but of course they cost money and space, and can we actually carry them all in a flight situation?

Every family has a different comfort level and skill set, hence gear and equipment will vary from family to family, but here are some basics stuff that you might want to equip yourselves with.

– Knife – “Rule #9” – I watch this show NCIS on CBS, a team of Naval Criminal Investigators led by an old timer U.S. Marine who has all these rule of thumbs for life’s unpredictability and his rule #9 “Never go anywhere without a knife” always stuck with me. I always had a pocket knife ever since, and when time came when I could actually afford a Swiss army knife inspired by MacGyver, I tried to carry it as much as I can, it was not until recently that I have accepted it as my own rule. The intent is for any mundane situations, from the simple cutting of food packs and fruits, ropes and boxes to dire situations and self defense.

– Travel Johns – it is like a long barf bag with chemicals that solidifies urine while you try to shoot it through a hard plastic opening shaped like a cup but slightly curved to fit female genitalia as well. Specifically made for travel, they are good to have on a trip, on a hike, long drive and yes also in disasters.

– First aid kit/bag – perhaps the easiest to acquire is a first aid kit. I am not taking about just a case of aspirins and band aids. I am talking about bags or backpacks that are sold as survival kits. They usually come in red for easy recognition. It comes with a good 2 day supply of food and water and basic stuff such as flash lights, flare, blanket and yes band aids. They can easily be bought on line or at your local store such as Walmart and Target. Buy one for the car, at home, and even in the office, give it as gift to let your love ones know that they too have to be prepared.

– Bug out bucket – First their is the kit or bag, now there is the bucket, an actual bucket that stores all your survival preparedness supply. The bucket has a good sturdy handle but I don’t think it is practical to carry on foot. You can probably throw it in your bug out vehicle.  It is supplied with other necessities such as rope, flint, axe, bolo, blankets, potable water tablets, portable gas stove and much more.

– MRE – Meals Ready to Eat and the likes, is of course a no brainer. You need to food to survive! There are also dehydrated meals, which are basically dried foods that are ready to eat after you put some water and heat it up. The problem with that is, the water part. In a disaster situation, you may not be able to get to a potable water source right off the bat. While MREs on the other hand is, just like the name says, ready to eat. The pack contains food and heat source. It might be good to stock up on both.

– Water – With all that food you need something to push it down with and like the saying goes, you can live months without food, but without water, you can only last for 3 days. So needless to say, stock up on water if nothing else. Water in gallons, bottles, tubs, how ever you can get and store it.

– Hand gun – Assuming that you have all the supplies said above, those supplies becomes gold once disaster hits and you need to protect it. In time of dire need, the neighbor you thought you knew may be the highest threat you may have if he himself isn’t prepared. I can’t emphasize enough that having a gun is one thing, being trained to use it is another. Go train, and train hard, like the saying goes, train like you fight and you’ll fight like you train.

St. Crispian and ITTS are a couple of schools that come highly recommended.

ITTS – have LAPD SWAT as their instructors. They have a great first timer hand gun class. A two day class that uses the first day to reiterate the importance of safety and deadly use of force. They are a bit on the pricey side, since they are are fully staffed and equipped but the down side is that you can hardly come back and train more without draining your resources taking it away from stocking up on your supplies not to mention ammo.

St. Crispian on the other hand has a principle of training comparable to martial arts. Retired U.S. Marine Capt. Stan Lee runs this dojo, and his low price point allows you to come back and train and train and train, for the skills you learn goes down the drain less you keep on training. You want to commit those skills to memory, to instinct because once shit hits the fan and stress is at its highest, those skills will save your life.

– Shotgun – I could have put down fire arms as an all encompassing category but every fire arm has a mission. A pistol is your secondary, which means you use it to get to a primary weapon and one of the most versatile of them all is a shotgun. It can eat a diverse type of ammo for specific missions. From breaching doors, hunting for food, shooting flares and taking down personnel.

– Rifle – The most controversial of them all is the rifle. From Semi automatic ARs to precision rifles, are also mission specific and that is to hold the fort. These accurate long distance rifles’ mission are not only for personal defense but also as our last stand to preserve our freedom. When push comes to shove, the people should be appropriately armed to defend themselves from any oppressors both foreign and domestic.

– Ammunition – Of course what are guns good for without ammunition. The problem with ammunition is weight and storage. Shot shells are big and heavy and takes a lot of space. .45cals have great stopping power but still heavy to carry around with all your survival gear. .22cals are light yet unless you are a better than average marksman, you might need a few rounds to get it on target or put down a personnel.

You may have a lot of firearms, but unless you train the whole family on how to use them, then you can only probably  carry two without sacrificing your agility. So choose the fire arm that feels right for you and with an ammunition that you can work with. A .22 cal may be light on the punch but still makes a hole and when put on the right spot, it can still take down a threat. Remember, you will have to carry the gun, it’s ammunition, your survival bag, bucket or kit while tugging your toddler and wife, you will have to be able to manipulate your weapon even with all that stress around you. Ideally, you should have a second shooter to cover your back.

Needless to say, training on these fire arms are essential, not only for survival purposes but also on safety. The danger that theses weapons bring to your home is undeniable, for it to be used safely as your protection, depends highly on  your training.

– Gasoline – If I could afford a tanker, I would get one and fill it up to the brim with gasoline. No amount of preparation and bug out gear would suffice if you can’t bug out to anywhere because you don’t have gas. Gasoline cans are easy to buy but are quite dangerous to store, specially in an urban setting. Best we could do is fill up our cars every time the gauge drops to the half point. This way, it ensures you a full tank of gas every time, so in case you actually need to bug out from your current location, you can at least get to the next county without stopping.

– Portable Safe – There are a lot of things you can live without, and if the grand system goes down, all identities and paper work are as good as tinder. But what happens, when recovery starts? After all the chaos, you realize that the disaster wasn’t as massive as you have imagined. Now you need your life back, and having your paper work tucked securely in a portable safe which you can grab at anytime might be your express pass to having your life back to the way it was. Maker sure to choose a safe that is fireproof, water proof, and hard enough to withstand a few pounding.