Going back to basics

Off the grid, a few steps from the ocean, warm climate, green surroundings and your dollar has forty-five times it’s buying power? Sounds like the life! right?

“You can break free from the mainstream” quite inspiring words from Neil, a taxi driver from Tampa who opted out. Opted out, to leave the rat race of America and live a simpler life in the Philippines.

Cause really, how much do we really need to live anyway? Half of the stuff we have are more for comfort than necessity. And most of our reasons for clinging to such rat race comes from fear. Fear of loosing health care, fear of what will happen when we get old, would we have enough to live? These are all legitimate and I too share the same concern. That is why Neil’s choice to give up the comfort he has gotten used to go back to basics took a lot of courage.

There is a saying that, “the grass is alway going to be greener on the other side of the fence” and if we, actually take care of our own lawn we’d probably be better off. Even Neil, has to go back to the US for a few months in a year to earn some dollars in order to sustain his new found life in the “wild” Philippines.

It is just nice to imagine that if we can actually sum up the same courage and with better planning we too may someday pull it off if we choose to do so.

I understand that Neil’s decision was more personal than financial and going back to basics does not mean, one has to go to the Philippines, but for Filipinos, that may not be a such bad idea.